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How to begin treatment of IVF in Mexico?

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a while now without positive results, is time to ask for help. To know and understand the infertility causes and factors that cause it, is the beginning of ‘knowing’ the fertility treatment that suits you the best and for that matter Fertility Center Tabasco has highly qualified and specialized gynecologists in infertility and assisted reproduction in Mexico. Reach us out, it will be a pleasure to help you.

The first time you visit Fertility Center Tabasco you will be assigned a fertility specialist. The consultation will not be any different than with any other gynecologist. The doctor will ask a few questions regarding your fertility and health background.

Should you consider a Surrogacy service we will explain the variety of packages we have available to you depending on your needs and what the process consists of.

During your first visit with our specialists you may bring any information, documents and tests you have done regarding your fertility issues should you have them. Most likely the doctor will want to know your background information and require additional tests or start from the beginning to ensure the best results for you. The fertility expert may prescribe more tests such as blood work, sperm analysis, etc. The same process may apply should you select a Surrogacy service.

Aside from the tests and the consultation with our specialists you will also have access to a personal assistant. You may contact him or her at any moment to follow up on your treatment, options, answer questions and the steps to follow.

After your first consultation and once we have obtained the tests results needed the specialist and your personal assistant will select the best treatment for your case and inform you about it. Should you accept we will start the process as soon as possible.

Most treatments last between two to three months depending on your particular case and progress. During this period of time your assistant will provide information about medication and care, your selected egg donor or surrogate selection. Your assistants will also advice you on transportation and accommodations in the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco. Should any problems emerge during your treatment you can rest assure that our team will be in constant communication with you and your doctor.

Get Started

A personalize fertility treatment or surrogacy program will be presented to you once your specialists gathers the necessary information. The doctor will then report to you about the best course of action, present a medication plan and decide if further and more specialized tests are needed.

How much does a fertility treatment or surrogacy service cost?

The costs of fertility treatment or surrogacy service vary for each particular case. Once the consultations end our patient care department will present to you the budget plan that best fits your needs depending on your options and requirements.